Been a Very Long Couple of Weeks

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I’ve about come to the realization that I’m just too damn busy at the moment. I have too much on my plate and I need to slow the hell down.

It should be noted that my last real vacation was over 5 years ago. That’s way too long.

Between work, playing music and everything else, I’m getting pretty spent. My plan is to begin winding down some of the projects I have on my plate by the end of August and shoot for a calmer fall.

The business is likely to get much busier this fall as we embark on a more agressive marketing campaign, but I have made the decision that we will hire whoever is necessary to get the job done. I’m not going to panic over every project and every client.

I’m really enjoying playing in the bands, but this fall will also mark an end to a couple of key factors for them. Not only will both demos be done, but both websites will be finished and I’ll just have gigs, rehearsals and the occassional flyer, all of which I can handle.

Essentially, this fall and winter, I want some peace and quiet and a lot more organization in my life.

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