Bass Done, Acoustic Coming Along

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I knocked out the remaining bass tracks for the orange is in demo yesterday and we got about halfway through the acoustic tracks for Peter’s project…

Overall, a good day of recording. Finished off the orange is in bass tracks. They came out really well thanks, in part, to Chris who came up with a great idea for one of the songs. We used the same setup as before.

We also got done with half of the acoustic tracks for Peter’s stuff. Really a productive day considering we had so many acoustics laying around, it looked like an acoustic guitar battlefield after the end of a day of hard fighting.

Used the same mic combination as before with the Octava on the neck and the NT2 backed pretty well off from the guitar. We used Chris’ 60’s-era Martin as one of the guitars on just about every track, both for strumming and fingerpicking. That is one amazing guitar.

We used Peter’s really nice Taylor for the other half of the fingerpicking parts and a Takamine he has for the other half of the strumming. We also added another Taylor of his that he strung with the higher octave of a 12-string set. It was so cool sounding.

It sounded a lot like a 12-string but we had total control over the higher octave. Really interesting.

We tracked basically two guitars on each song with one slower one as the exception. The songs with two were panned to 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock giving a nice blend of the two different guitars.

On the last one, I really wanted one singular fingerpicked guitar straight up in the mix for intimacy. It’s a slower song and I wanted it right there with the vocal in the center of the mix. But, we added that high pitched guitar panned to 3 o’clock and about 1/2 the volume of the main one. It created a really beautiful sound between the two.

We then took a third guitar and Peter strummed it REALLY straight over the second half of the song. There were a few rhythmic inconsistencies with the drums and putting in this very, VERY straight ahead acoustic evened everything out. We just panned it to 9 o’clock and put it at about 1/3 the volume of the main guitar.

It’s one of those things that you can’t really hear but you’d totally miss it if it were gone and it completely evens out the rhythmic structure.

I’m feeling pretty good about everything with his project. It is coming along better than I expected at this point. We’re getting great sounds and excellent performances and we are right on track in terms of our timeline and budget.

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