Backing Up the Back Up

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Remembering the Hurricane Rita evacuation and the fact that, despite all my blustering about how this year I’ll be organized, if my computer went down, I’d be in big trouble, I decided to do some serious backing up of my files today.

I had already backed them up onto an external hard drive last week, but I really needed to back up my photos onto DVD so I can archive them for later use. I hadn’t realized how much space they were eating on my drive until I realized that my 80GB drive was down to just under 2GB of space remaining and my photos ALONE were responsible for nearly 15GB of space. Jeebus!

Now that I’ve started shooting in RAW format, that has only made things worse. I used to download a couple hundred photos and they’d take up a few hundred megs of space at most. Now, a couple hundred photos in RAW format might be 1.5GB of space. A little difference.

So, disc one is done and I have about 3 to go. Then, the scary part…deleting the files and trusting the back ups. Eek.

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