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A borrowed re-tooled phrase is the title of this post because it is appropriate and quite an eye-opener.

I made it back yesterday around lunchtime. The stretch of road that took me three hours to pass on Thursday was behind me in 15 minutes yesterday in the driving rain.

Most everyone I know, like myself, sustained very little if any damage to their homes. Just some downed limbs, etc.

I had power by the time I returned and now just have to get my house back in order. My mom (she and her husband and my step brother were remarkable to me during all this) sent me home with some food since I knew mine would be spoiled.

My father is still stuck up in northeast Texas but he is hoping to return soon pending the traffic. Everyone else seems to be fine.

This did teach me some valuable lessons about myself and the cats. First and foremost, I realized that by next hurricane season, I must be better prepared to handle an evacuation. So, I’ve started putting together a list of all the things that I’ll need – some expensive and some cheap – so I’ll be better prepared.

I also realized that, as much as I love my house and the things in it, they are just things. The reason you have insurance is to replace “THINGS” that are lost. You cannot, however, replace people and animals. It taught me that what I sometimes consider essential is far less than essential when it comes to survival.

Lastly, I realized that this year has been trying to teach me that I have to learn to depend on myself and let things go. That doesn’t mean I need to be a loner or not have friends. Far from it. It just means that I must take responsibility for myself, my home and my animals. Asking for help is appropriate. Expecting people to help when they have their own problems and issues is not realistic.

In fact, if I am better prepared, I am in a better position to be the helper instead of the helpee, which is what I’m built for anyway.

Our near miss was a valuable experience for me.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those to the east of us so dramatically effected by the storm. Hopefully, they can recover quickly and try to resume normal lives.

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