Aye, Me Achin’ Everything

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Today is the kind of day that reminds me why I need to be in shape – to avoid the sorness of days exactly like today.

My girlfriend (see footnote in the story about this) and I joined 24 Hour Fitness. I needed to. It is just time. But, the day after the first day…ouch.

I tried my best to take it easy yesterday. My body cooperated only allowing me to do a mild workout on my upper body and then a good 15 minutes on the treadmill and 10 on the bike.

Now, I’m trying to figure out how to get the strength to go in today and do my “core” muscles. I don’t even like the sound of that. It’s your damn stomach and back and they hurt when you do them. Just say it!

But, anyway, I will keep it rolling because I’m tired of being winded at gigs and with my history of back issues, I need to be stronger.

It just sucks that God invented lactic acid because that crap hurts the day after.

NOTE: Yes, I have a girlfriend. For some of you, that might be a shock. Others already knew. It’s been over a year since Rebecca and I spearated and she is still a very close friend. I tried dating and it didn’t really work all that well most of the time. Christina is decidedly different.

We dated almost 17 years ago, lost touch and re-connected just after Christmas. She’s really a wonderful person and I’m really happy she’s in my life.