As Sleep Sets In, My Thoughts Deepen

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I’ve never been a big drinker. I don’t do drugs. So, the closest I think I get to mind altering experiences outside of my random attempt at lucid dreaming or meditation is through music or sleepiness. I’m not talking about sleep deprivation. I just mean getting tired.

At the point when I start to feel my body shutting down, for some reason my mind really starts to open. It’s like some sort of cruel joke. Oh, sure, NOW all those great ideas and creative juices start to flow just when my head feels like it is going to drop on the floor.

What makes this even more of a surreal experience is that my emotions tend to be much closer to the surface. It is easier for me to access and tap into their energy, something I admittedly don’t do enough when I’m wide awake.

I imagine that, for me, this is the time that I really have those great ideas for songs or things to write or pictures to take. I imagine I could write poetry. I would probably give great compliments or have an easy time pouring out my soul.

The problem is willing myself to stay awake long enough to finish the thought or follow through on that feeling.

In this case, the spirit is more than willing but the body is often far too weak. But, for those moments, it feels like floating between sleep and dreams and there is something magical about that place. It is made even more magical because I can only visit for a short time.

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