As if the Internet Isn’t Weird Enough Already…

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A friend of mine once told me after attending a seminar on broadband internet service that if only pr0n and spam were removed from the internet, everyone’s internet connections would speed up by as much as 50 percent. Of course, what good would the internet be at that point, but I digress. What I wonder is how fast it would be without things like this.

Useless information. It is the backbone of the internet. Oh, sure, there is news and entertainment, support for problems and e-commerce. But, we all know that celebrity gossip blogs, websites full of stupid quotes from clients and lists of misheard song lyrics are the real reasons we love the web.

That having been said, I give you this week’s worthless and, as a result, mostest cool website, the gallery of celebrity tongues.

Yes, you too can see your favorite celebs with their tongues sticking out. Some photos are silly while others are naughty, but you be the judge.

Here’s the hottie singer from Evanescence, Amy Lee, giving us all a tongue lashing. Indeed.


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