Are Men Really This Impotent?

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It’s gotten so that I just tune them out most of the time. You know the tv and radio commercials I mean? They have the semi-porn music playing in the background and the sound of a sexy woman saying, “Are you ready for the next step?” They are, of course, advertising male impotence drugs.

Every damn sport it seems like is sponsored by Levitra or Cialis or Viagra. Do men really have this much of a problem getting it up? I mean, seriously?

These are now the most popular-selling drugs of all time. They’ve beaten out cancer, heart disease, diets, high blood pressure, diabetes…you name it, limp pee pee wins. Even anti-depressants, seemingly the candy of the masses, can’t compete when daddy has a weak willie.

There has to be some abuse going on here. There is no way that half of American men can’t get an erection.

And puh-leeze don’t feed me these commercials with the rugged, white, uber-male in a golf shirt and Dockers with his hot 20-something wife looking at him like she was in heat. What alternate universe is this? Where is the fat guy with the pissed off wife who can barely look at him let alone consider a “weekender?” Where’s the truth in advertising?

What might be most annoying is the fact that most insurance companies now cover erectile disfunction medication and yet THEY WON’T COVER BIRTH CONTROL!!! WTF???

I understand men who have serious problems. I sympathize. But, don’t try to tell me that 50 or 60 million American men need Viagra just to get a stiffie. Riiiiiigghhhttt…

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