Another Saturday, Another Wedding

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It seems like that since I worked part-time as a DJ for a couple years and since I’ve been shooting photos with Katya, I’ve been to more weddings than most men go to in a lifetime.  I know all the songs that people request and all the poses people want.  Now, I just need a gig as a caterer and I’ll have the whole thing down.

Today, Katya got a last-minute call to fill in for a wedding in Galveston.  What an absolutely PERFECT day for doing it.  Not only was the weather perfect, but the ceremony was out on the beach – very few people were out there making it nice – and all the photos were taken between 4:30 and 6:30, the magic hours for taking photos, particularly near the water.

On our way back, we stopped and had dinner and I’m about to start digging through my pics to see what I got.

Oh, I should mention that I got my new amp and extention cabinet over the last couple of days.  Good LORD, they rock.  I’ll post a full review when I get a free moment.

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