Another Good Day of Recording

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Spent another afternoon adding tracks to the SlapShifter and orange is in demos. Went really well and there was even singing involved! Yikes!

Good afternoon’s worth of recording today. Chris and I laid down the acoustic guitar tracks for orange is in and some double-tracked acoustic for SlapShifter.

I used my Yari DY1, which sounded great. We recorded it through my Rode NT2 and one of Chris’ Octava condenser mics. We started with just the NT2 about 18 inches from the sound hole, but it sounded a little wierd.

We moved the NT2 back to about 36 inches and put the Octava about 6 inches from the fretboard angled toward the body of the guitar. Each mic sounded good but the two really complimented each other well.

I also put down a backing track of a SlapShifter song – yikes.

Actually went pretty smoothly, which is good because I’m not a big fan of doing studio back-up vocals. I need my bass to make me feel less than naked while playing music.

Chris will begin putting down his guitar tracks then it will just be a couple bass tracks for me on orange is in, vocals for both bands and violin for orange is in and we’ll have demos. They are really sounding good too.

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