Anatomy of a Hurricane on PBS Tonight

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After suffering through the Texans loss to Philly and Andy Roddick getting beaten by Roger Federer in the US Open men’s final today, I have the season premiers of The Simpsons and the Family Guy tonight to look foward to. But, in addition, PBS is airing a look inside hurricanes at 9:30pm tonight with Anatomy of a Hurricane.

Yes, I’m a weather nerd. I admit it. I’m even doing an article over at Houstonist this week that is an interview with Dr. Jeff Masters of Weather Underground and I found the fact that he agreed to answer my questions pretty damn cool. God, I’m a dork.

Anyway, this show only airs on KUHF’s HD counterpart, not on normal channel 8. The only way you’ll be able to see it is if you have digital cable or satellite, unfortch. If you do, it will be worth a watch. Hurricanes are Mother Nature gone all crazy.

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