America’s Top Model Tryouts Brilliantly Reviewed

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Dusti Rhodes over at the Houston Press Blog posted a hilarious write-up on visits with the ladies in line at the Galleria for the America’s Top Model tryouts on Saturday.

Some of these quotes are absolutely priceless. Let me share.

First up is Amber, who works at Mr. Gatti’s.

“To gain respect from my father. To show him that I can actually do something and, like, follow through with it.”

If there is one way to prove to daddy that you matter, it’s through a beauty contest. But, she followed that up with this:

He’s always the one who was, like ‘You’re too fat.'”

OMG, what the hell? Rhodes has a response that is way funnier than what I could write at this moment given the fact that my jaw is still scraping the floor after that comment. Hey, Amber’s dad, you suck.

Anika was next. She’s a history teacher.

“Beauty is within and it’s also on the outside.” She wanted everyone to remember, “you don’t need someone else to tell you ‘Oh, you’re pretty.'”

If there’s one thing history teaches us, it’s that beauty is on both the inside and the outside. Uh, what? I have no idea.

This was just so funny, I had to post it verbatim…

Tegan, an 18-year-old gal from Shreveport, said she was always picked on as a kid for being tall and skinny, which is why she turned to modeling. “This is like something that you kind of have to be that way. So, I feel like I belong, you know?” Yes, I do. And now I finally I understand why girls become porn stars, too.

By the way, if Tegan is selected to be a top model she said she would use her status to start an agency that would seek out all the other poor tall, skinny girls in small towns, to let them know they could be “good at something.” Besides not being fat, I guess.


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