Always Good to Hear Great New Music…and Be Recognized

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Went back out to the Sidecar Pub tonight after playing there last night. This time, went to see some friends of an acquaintence who were in town from New York. They were a solid band, but the real surprise was the opening act.

I went to see The Ruse. An acquaintence of mine knows them although apparently not me…more on that later.

Anyway, they were a solid band reminicent of Matchbox Twenty, Three Doors Down and other standard modern rock bands. Interestingly, the singer looked a lot like Kevin Eschenfelder from Fox Sports Southwest. But, that’s another story.

The opening act, however, was really great. In from Austin was The Steve Tenpenny Band a great band. Not only were they a very solid band – Steve Tenpenny has a lot of talent and everyone should keep an eye out for this guy – but they were tremendously nice folks.

I hung out with Jessie, the guitarist, and just talked music. They were all really good guys and I’m looking forward to catching them again and maybe sharing a show together at some point.

Back to the acquaintence…

So, I’m there for the opener and then throughout the entire set of The Ruse. So is the person who invited me, but she doesn’t say a word. She’s caught up in the band and all, so no biggie. Finally, after the show is over and I’ve spent pretty much the whole time hanging out with the guys from the opening band, I’m starting to feel a little rude and I walk to the little boys room right past her and say, “Hey!”

Here’s the funny part.

She looks right at me, says, “Hey!” and then just walks away. At first, I think maybe she’s going to turn around and say something else, but she just walks off. I realize that she didn’t freaking recognize me!!! I mean, holy crap! I know I hadn’t seen her in a while and she isn’t like a best buddy or anything, but I know it couldn’t have been THAT long.

WTF? I just laughed my ass off and headed home to write all this down. Maybe my hair is shorter and it has highlights. I’m a little thinner and I was wearing different clothes than she was probably used to seeing me in since she worked for a company I did business with, but still.

Just really, really funny stuff. So, an old friend didn’t recognize me, but I made some NEW friends. Go figure.

Now, the tricky part. How do I tell her that I liked the band or do I even say anything at all? If she emails me and says, “Hey, where were you?” what then? Oh, the joy!

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