All You Need is…Debt?

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Commercials are annoying as it is. Some can be mildly amusing. Others are just plain stupid. The one I saw tonight was neither. It was just freaking annoying.

Chase Bank whipped out a new credit card commercial complete with pictures of joyus families whirling in circles of cash-filled bliss while businesses continued to whir smoothly along flush with funds all thanks to the Chase credit card.

This is really nothing new. From “What’s in your wallet?” commercials for Capital One to Citibank ads telling you that “for everything else, there’s MasterCard,” it’s all pretty common bullshit from banks trying to take your 20+ percent interest.

What was shocking about this ad to me was the use of the Beatles song “All You Need is Love.” Not only was it a surprise to hear a Beatles song used – with all the struggles over copyrights lately, you don’t hear a lot, fortunately – but to use that particular song to hock a credit card just makes me physically ill. Apparently, according to Chase, we need quite a bit more than love because, if all we need truly is love, we’d have absolutely ZERO need for a freaking credit card.

This is worse than the use of Revolution for Nike. I’m sure John Lennon is rolling over in his grave and rightfully so.

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