All the Wrong Reasons

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I get really confused by things like this. President Bush is sending thousands of national guard troops to “secure the border” with Mexico. Ok, I’m not a fan of this strategy, but I’m not going on that rant here. What confuses the hell out of me are statements like this…

President Bush is sending thousands of National Guard troops to bolster patrols along the Mexican border, a move designed to win support for immigration reform from get-tough conservatives in his party.

So, to prove to his hard nosed conservative cronies he is tough on the migrant workers, he expands the use of the guard even more than he already has.

Whatever happened to doing things because they made sense. I don’t know the answer to the immigration problem. I’m not even sure it is the problem it is portrayed to be. I’m not an expert.

All I’m saying is that doing it because you need support from a particular group is the wrong reason, particularly when you are putting people’s lives at risk. But, I guess that is politics.

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