A Simple Prayer of Thanks

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Dear Lord,

I know I mostly pray when I need something, but today is different. Today is my prayer of thanks to You for the bountiful harvest of internet video. Lord, I don’t mean some kid falling off his skateboard or even an old television commercial for douche. No, Lord, I thank you for this video. I thank you for “One Bank.”


It may take a minute to load, but it is TOTALLY worth it. Trust me.

Today is a very good day.

Seen here and here.

UPDATE: Someone over at Stereogum.com transcribed the lyrics. Joy!

is is even better
now that we are the same
two great companies come together now
mbna is boa

now its one bank
one card
one name that is known all over the world
one spirit
we get to share it
leading us all to higher standards

do you like the cowboys
or your university
do you like the yankees
or is nascar more your speed
well its your choice
your right to pick a card that shows
your heart and your pride

we are one with affinity
and we will carry each other
carry each other

have you come to meet ????
have you come to meet liam mcgee
have you heard about michelle shephard
she is leading the team in the northeast

and we’ve got bank one on the run
whats in your wallet it is not capital one…its us
so which card are you?
integration has never had us feeling so good
and we will make lots of money
forever i can sing…about trust, teamwork and doing the right thing
we will live out our core values
while the competition crawls
cause they want what we have got
but it is only here at bank of america

one bank
one card
one name that is known all over the world
one heart filled with spirit
we feel it
we share it

one bank working everyday
to bring higher standards
higher standards
we are one
we are one
we are one bank

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