2006 in Review: How Blogs Have Consumed My Life

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I’ll admit it. I spend WAY too much time reading blogs, playing on Flickr, goofing off on MySpace and posting on bulletin boards like the Texas Photo Forum and ClutchFans.net. But, I do manage to squeeze both my work and my life in there too. It’s not like I’m killing THAT many brain cells. I am reading…if you can call it that.

In honor of my new obsession, I present you with my favorite blogs of the year in no particular order.

Personal Blogs

A Perfectly Cromulent Blog

If for no other reason than the endless Simpson quotes and massive amount of lists…

Big Pink Cookie

Between the knitting and the stories of how Christine’s son has a thing for the neighbor’s daughter, it’s always worth a read.

The Grooveblog

Groovehouse is a fellow Rocket freak who went with me to the airport when Yao arrived in America. That is enough for him to make this list, but his blog never ceases to find things before I do. For that, I am forever envious.

The Bald Heretic

His taste in music and toys are normally spot on and his live music photos are beginning to cause me great envy.

H-Town Grooves

G-Man’s choices of music are always tremendous and I love that fatalism when it comes to Houston sports. It is a pain we Houstonians know all too well.

Local News, Sports & Causes


I wasn’t able to continue contributing to the best Houston news blog, but it doesn’t mean I’m not paying attention.

KHOU Animal Attraction

Lisa Foronda has been a staunch supporter of animal causes as a part of channel 11 and, fortunately, her blog will continue even though she has left the station.

Houston Press Blog

This could also be filed under music, but it does have news and some damn funny commentary.

Texans Chick

This unabased and seemingly undaunted Texans fan braves some of the harshest comments you’ll see anywhere on this Texans blog. Of course, with this season, who can blame them?

Sportsradio 610 Nightshift

In my opinion, the best sports talk show on radio. Admittedly, I wish Matt and Wex would update this a little more often, but it is always worth a read and a random Fletch quote.


Houston Calling

There is no better local music blog than David Cobb’s Houston Calling…with all due respect to the next blog on this list.


A few years back, I got ripped in the Chron by the then music editor for a letter I wrote about the lack of local music in Houston’s only daily. Today, Sara and Joey run one of the best local music blogs around. Hmmmm… 🙂 I’m not saying. I’m just saying.


My new favorite music blog, this one has virtually everything I love and very little I don’t.


Just fantastic coverage of all things music, stereogum is where I usually go first looking for music info.

The Lefsetz Letter

Always opinionated. Nearly always right. Endlessly entertaining.

Entertainment & Pop Culture

The Superficial

Consistently, the funniest entertainment/celebrity blog on the internets.


How could anyone not love the caddiness of this celebrity photo blog. It’s totally sweet, ya’ll!

Go Fug Yourself

The two women that run this blog are brilliantly funny. A must read.

Pop Candy

I got hooked on this blog when I found it this fall. Very likely the best thing USA Today has ever contributed to society.


In my opinion, there is no better place to get info on movies. Granted, they go a tad overboard on the horror films on occassion, but it is worth it for the massive amount of information on the site.

Honorable Mention: Y-Pulse (great blog about Gen Y trends and interests)

Local Politics, City Issues and Commentary

Houston Clear Thinkers

I don’t always agree with Tom’s take on the world, but he is unquestionably intellegent and always makes a strong case. Good thing since he’s also a lawyer.

Houston Strategies

A fascinating look at Houston and its issues relating to transportation, urban planning and the future of our city.


Granted, I rarely agree with the political opinions here, but Kevin’s takes are smart and usually hilarious.

Off the Kuff

How Charles comes up with this much stuff to write, I have no idea, but he knows his stuff when it comes to local politics with a left-leaning slant.

Home in the Heights

The Chron blog dedicated to my neck o’ the woods.



Eric Berger is a science nerd and, thankfully, a weather nerd as well. His hurricane season discussions are the best local source of information about tropical weather.

Jeff Masters’ WunderBlog

Speaking of weather, Masters has the best tropical weather blog on the internet and is one of the foremost experts in hurricanes.


Great source for news and information on the world of media and journalism.


For us web geeks, a look at internet trends with lots of pretty colored graphs.

Dallas Oberserver’s Unfair Park

A great look at underground news from Big D.

Fun, Strange and Interesting


A blog about one of my favorite things – t-shirts.


Charts on index cards with hilarious results.


The funniest rants and lists this side of McSweeney’s.

Cute Overload


Corpus Obscurum

Where else can you find out about the death of the guy who wrote “Yes, I Have No Bananas”?

If you have any other suggestions, I’m all ears…or eyes…whatever, you get the point. The more blogs I add to Bloglines, the more time I can waste reading them!

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