2006 in Review: The Year of Me!

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It’s New Year’s Eve, the Texans won and all is strange in the world. For me, it was a busy, productive and interesting year full of music, photos and the internets.

I was going to go through all my posts and put a bunch of links about the year, but I decided that:

1. I’m too lazy.
2. It really doesn’t sum up my year any better than I could like this.
3. Who is going to read it?

The result is this post. I had a very enjoyable year that wasn’t quite as tumutuous as 2005. I mean, I didn’t get divorced, spend over a month with construction workers on and in my home, deal with re-financing my house, spend hundreds of hours in the recording studio and evacuate 13 cats through traffic during a near-miss hurricane like I did in ’05.

This year I released a well-recieved CD, played a lot of gigs, met a great girl, took a long vacation, renewed my love for photography and made a lot of new friends on the internets. Sure, the Rockets and Texans had disastrous seasons and the Astros didn’t make the playoffs, but if that’s the worst that I can mention, this year must’ve been pretty good…and it was.

I hope everyone out there on the blogosphere has a happy, safe and fun New Year and is blessed with health, wealth and happiness in 2007!

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