20 Cool Things About Houston

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Since this Houston Chronicle article was run, a number of bloggers, including Greg over at GregsOpinion.com have blogged about it and even included their own versions. So, I humbly submit my own list.

20. The Galleria
Yes, It’s a mall. But, it’s the coolest mall around and the people watching, particularly at Christmas, is amazing.

19. M&M Vaccuum
Maybe the best vaccuum shop ever. Named after the two Indian goddesses the owner prays to, it is worth the visit just to chat with the owner, who knows his rock and roll.

18. Three Brothers Bakery
Cinnamon croissants. Nuff said.

17. Fonde Rec Center
The best summer hoops in town and, as the Houston Press once said of it, no, you can’t play.

16. The Stadiums
How many other cities not only have the Eighth Wonder of the World, but Minute Maid, Reliant and Toyota Center to brag over?

15. The River Oaks Theater
One of the city’s great landmarks and a helluva place to catch a flick.

14. Texas Music Emporium
The little music store on the north side that ate my brain. The best deals in town if they have they gear you want.

13. Penzey’s Spices
I agree with the Chron on this one – a spice lover’s dream and just a few blocks from me.

12. Bookstop/Alabama Theater
I loved the Alabama Theater and, if it has to be anything, a cool bookstore is fine with me. Ladies, don’t dally near the magazines on the weekend, however, unless you want to get hit on.

11. Rudyard’s
The best live music club in the city with the best sound guy around.

10. The Arboretum
Just a few hundred feet from one of the busiest freeways in the city and you’d never know it when you are deep inside the trees, especially near the turtle pond.

9. Hermann Park
The park, the zoo and the museums form one of the greatest spots in Houston to spend a day or a weekend.

8. The Skyline
Very few skylines rate as highly as ours. Be proud.

7. One’s a Meal
A little local color from John the owner plus great Greek food, late night diner fare and the best grilled cheese sandwich in town.

6. All Records
No one in Houston knows jazz, classical and Texas music like Fred Allread, which is why this is the best record/CD store in the city.

5. The Humidity
Call me crazy – no don’t – but it is what gives us our lush greenery and our youthful looks, nevermind the lack of a serious dry sinus problem.

4. Tien Ren
My favorite vegetarian and Chinese food in town. If I lived closer, I’d be there 4 or 5 days a week.

3. ClutchFans.net
The best sports fans website on the web, hands down without question. The site is downright addictive and THE place to get info and news on the Houston Rockets.

2. The Houston Heights
The best neighborhood in Houston. Don’t argue. You know it’s true.

1. The People
There are no greater people than Houstonians. We take in evacuees, donate money, give our time and nod to and smile at total strangers. When our sports teams win, we celebrate. We don’t burn cars and loot stores. Nowhere will you find a more diverse, polite and friendly group of people. Period.

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