Give Your Kid Some Ink for Christmas

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Tattoo ToyWell, I’m sitting here today in bed trying to beat back a cold though it feels as if at times I’m beating it with one of my lungs. I’m surfing the net glad that the holiday week will likely make this one quiet as far as work goes and I come across this lovely new toy for the holidays.
Look ma…I madez me some tattoz! You know mom’s everywhere (outside the trailer park) are going to be beating each other senseless to get one of these for junior.

I LOVE the photo. Note the camoflaged hat and sort of long hair on both kids. It’s like they KNOW they are making this for little trailer kids. Someone in that photo shoot said, “Ok, look, let’s market this the RIGHT way. Bring me the camo cap and the little redneck kids.”

Little boys will be getting hearts with “mom” in them. Little girls will get tats on their lower back of lotus flowers or, even better, stripper tattoos on the back of their necks. Perhaps parents can bundle this with My First Stripper Pole for their good little girls – or naughty one’s depending upon what kind of slut you are raising.

Little goth kids with emo-flava getting nautical stars in the style of Legos. Girls with My Little Pony on their shoulder blades or Strawberry Shortcake on their ankles. Ah, the joy of a traditional family Christmas…in Las Vegas.

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