Month: May 2009

House For Sale

My house is a very very very very fine house. I’ve lived her for 14 years, but it is time for me to move out and let some other lucky soul have a crack at it.  I fully intend to remain in the neighborhood because it rocks the mic like a vandal and waxes the chumps like a candle, bizyotch.… Read more →

Five Ways the Rockets and Houston Are Alike

The winding story of the Houston Rockets’ season has rarely made room for logic, linear thinking or any standard notions of cause and effect. Star players disappear, expectations sink and the Rockets surge. They are confounding and exhilarating all at once. – The New York Times I am an unabashed Houston Rockets fan. I have been since I was just… Read more →

Tubesday: Moonlight

Since it is my birthday week, I picked a show from the last ten years that I enjoyed for this week’s Tubesday. In this case, a canceled show. Sure, I could have gone with The Office, 30 Rock, The Daily Show or some other show I watched…and still watch…but the spirit of Tubesday for me is in shows that no… Read more →

Light Rock Monday: Ten for Ten

Normally on Monday’s, I’ll post one of my favorite light rock songs from the 70’s or early 80’s. Today, I go with something a little different. Since I’m turning 40 this week, I’m spending the week talking about the last decade and for this week’s Light Rock Monday, I feature my favorite sorta-kinda light rock songs of the last ten… Read more →

Birthday Week (?) Itinerary

So, I’m turning 40 this week (on Thursday). Four decades on the planet earth is weird, but fine. As Paul Rudd said in 40 Year-Old Virgin, “Forty is the new twenty.” Um, ok. Anyway, I’ve noticed a trend of people having a birthday “week” where they celebrate for an entire week with dinners, lunches, parties, etc. I’m clearing a decade… Read more →