Month: February 2009

Sell, Sell, Sell!

Five dollars. Maybe I’ll go to the movies… by myself. I had a yard sale last week. I’m becoming a gun runner and now I’m selling to the bare walls. I’m seriously like some crazed lunatic trying to sell furniture or waterbeds or used cars. If I had kidnapped Bette Midler like they did in Ruthless People, she would TOTALLY… Read more →

My Grammy Moment

Yes, I Twittered the Grammys last night (where were you, non-nerd?). As usual, NARAS provided me with a plethora (and, yes, I DO know what that word means) of material. There were Katy Perry’s melons. I’m talking about her fruit-designed set, perv, not her lovely, cleavagy bosom. Ahem. The whole set looked like a giant Carmen Miranda had heaved fruit… Read more →

Jasmine Guy and Gay Ninjas: All That and Andy Rooney Tonight on Niche TV

I was flipping channels tonight and I came to this show on TLC called Heli-Loggers. Apparently, it’s about loggers…with helicopters…and I started to wonder, “Do we really need programming that is this narrowly focused?” We already have Those Guys That Die on the Ocean, or whatever that show about crab hunters is called, an entire show about some dude who… Read more →

The Boss Was Just Like Me, Only Talented and Cool

I’m rockin’ the suburbs, Just like Michael Jackson did. I’m rockin’ the suburbs, Except that he was talented. Yesterday, Bruce Springsteen played the halftime show of the Super Bowl. Even for him, this was probably the biggest audience he’ll ever play for if you include all the millions of people watching on television. After much debate online about the songs… Read more →