Month: January 2009

Use Your Big Boy Words

Language is our friend. It helps us to curse at people and say sarcastic things behind their backs. It gives us the ability to tell our children how much they’ve disappointed us and our partners that our love for them has grown dry like a cactus in the heart of the desert. See how poetic that is! Language is so… Read more →

Mickey Rourke v. Chris Jerico in Houston???

UPDATE: Thanks, Dwight Silverman (or dsilv as I like to call him), for the note that Rourke has backed out. I’d call him a wuss if I weren’t terrified of him. I don’t watch wrestling, nor do I care about wrestling or even like to use the word “wrestle,” which makes me feel sort of wrestless…hmmm…anyway, Mickey Rourke told some… Read more →

Galveston Post Ike

Recently, I made my first trip to Galveston since Hurricane Ike hit and I was surprised at how much was still left to be done. I really only visited the seawall and the Strand area, but both were deserted and the seawall did not look like the sewall I remembered. Gone were the piers and souvenir shops. Only a handful… Read more →